Tec Italy Proteggi Vials

VAT included

Tec Italy Proteggi is a hair protector with protein complex for chemical processes. Works on Cuticle and the Cortex of the hair.

Available in a pack of 12 vials or individual.


An advanced hair protector that works as an additive for chemical processes. PROTEGGI helps protect the hair fiber and scalp from peroxide, bleach, hair dyes and other chemical products, minimizing the burning feeling on sensitive scalps and hair damage. Enriched with TRICONE and TRICOERBA, protein and botanical compounds that help improve hair’s appearance. Contains TRICEL-R complex to protect hair against UV rays.

1- Shampoo hair

2- Towel-dry hair and distribute a vail of Ristruttura throughout the hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. 

3- Rinse

** Apply once a week. 

1- Spread a PROTEGGI vial evenly throughout hair before any chemical process or hair coloring.

2- Proceed to work hair.

3- After the process is finished, we recommend rinsing hair dye with Tec Italy POST COLOR SHAMPOO and hair lightener with Tec Italy SHAMPOO PROFONDO.

4- Apply Tec Italy DUE FACCETTA MASSIMO or Tec Italy DUE FACCETTA LUNGA DURATA depending on the procedure.