Tec Italy Lumina Forza Colore

Tec Italy Lumina Forza Colore

VAT included

Color Treatment Booster.

Available in Purple (blond/gray hair), Red, Chocolate, Mahogany and Black color.

Tec Italy Lumina Forza Colore
  • Matizante
  • Red
  • Mahogany
  • Black
  • Chocolate

Tec Italy Lumina Forza Colore is designed to prolong color intensity in colored hair. Ideal for damaged dry hair. Its exclusive ingredients leave nutrients, conditioners, botanical-protein complexes and pigments on your hair, giving color, brightness and a healthy look. its avant-garde formula fully nourishes hair from the inside, thanks to the high concentration of TRICONE and TRICOETBA. Its exclusive ingredient TRICEL-R protects hair from U.V. rays. 

After shampooing your hair with Tec Italy Shampoo Post Color or Tec Italy Lumina Shampoo (blond or Grey hair) and on wet hair, apply Lumina Forza Colore on the hair spreading it on the locks and massaging from the base and moving along the length of the hair towards the ends. Leave on for 15 minutes. 

Rinse well and style. 

**use gloves