Tec Italy A.O.E. Colore Intenso Cream Peroxide

VAT included

Cream Peroxide with Violet Pigment. 

Presentation: 1L

Available in both colors is:

  • - 10 VOL. 3%
  • - 20 VOL. 6%
  • - 30 VOL. 9%
  • - 40 VOL. 12%

Tec Italy A.O.E. Color Intense Pigment

Tec Italy A.O.E. Colore Intenso Cream Peroxide is Peroxide with pigment to prolong and intensify the duration of the hair color. 

The Cream Peroxide with Yellow-Orange Pigment, reinforces the color deposit in Bronze, Copper, Gold and Red Tones. It also Helps cover Gray hair and re-pigment lightened hair. 

The Cream Peroxide with Violet Pigment, reinforces the color deposit in Natural, Ashy, Chocolate and Mahogany tones of color. Contributes to the neutralization of reddish-orange pigment. 

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