Tec Italy Due Faccetta Giorno Per Giorno

VAT included

Intense Leave-on Nourishing Treatment for daily use. 

Presentation: 300Ml


Tec Italy Due Faccetta Giorno per Giorno is a moisturizing treatment for normal and dry hair. Facilitates untangling and improves manageability. This treatment is enriched with TRICONE and TRICOEBRA (protein and botanical compounds) that help improve hair's appearance. Due Faccetta also contains TRICOSIL (provides softness) and TRICEL-R (protect the hair from UV rays). 

Shake well before use; apply on mid-shaft and ends, especially for hair compromised by repeated color or chemical processes. Works to regulate the porosity of the hair, and provides daily nutritional sustenance for the hair to keep it lively and vibrant. Do not rinse out.